Italian Gourmet Food from little Food Artists

Since 2010 our Customers live the “Saporalia experience” with enthusiasm. Every day they are transmitting their satisfaction back to us. Because when you speak about Saporalia, you talk about high taste, innovation and, mostly, simplicity.

These values have been with us along all our fantastic growth path and enabled Saporalia to make the history of the most appreciated Italian Gourmet Food exporter due to the unicity of our Business Model. The first innovative distribution model which combines the efficiency of the digital channels with the consolidation and aggregation of a multitude of small Gourmet and Traditional Food Artists and Artisans.

Induldge in the joyful taste of Saporalia – Italian Sapori

Mariano Mercadante, CEO Saporalia

Italian Artisanal and Traditional Gourmet Food

Everything starts from the Land and Mother Nature. Our Italian Peninsula is amazingly full of Food Artists and Food Artisans

20 Regions, 7918 Municipalities from Sicily to Valle d’Aosta and from Friuli to Sardinia, hidden wonderful Towns, with best climate and general condition to produce excellent food

It is in these hidden wonderful small Towns that you can find the amazing Italian Food Artisans; those people who work in small laboratories and produce delicious specialities and delicacies, the Real Italian Traditional Food


This delicious food is normally sold and consumed only within the neighborough of the production locations; the smartest Food Artisans found their way to sell their products at Country level, but almost none of them is able to export these wonderful products of Italian Land in Europe or even less out of Europe

Saporalia changed the whole game.

Since 2010 we are selecting the best Italian Gourmet Artists and “Food Wizards” as I like to define them; we have a wide range of Italian Delicacies, all of them produced by small Artisans based in the most hidden towns of our Country

Full variety of ambient products as well as fresh ones: Truffle Specialities, Gourmet Antipasti, high quality Sauces, home-made Pasta, fine and aged Cheese, best Dairy products, high end Meat and Cured Meat, Organic and Vegan Style Food

Gourmet Food. Infinite pleasure. Never as in this historical context the food has played such an important role in our communities.

Food is identity, self-expression, relax and joy of life, conviviality, sharing great moments, elegance, pure creativity, achievement, pleasant interaction and socialization.

Saporalia is giving the maximum emphasis to this piece of truth, pure and excellent Italian Gourmet products




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