A different email than usual this time…You know I just realized that we don’t talk often about what we mean by GENUINE.

Most of the time we give it for granted that everybody just realizes, but I don’t think it is the case.

Well this is what we like and admire in majority of our Saporalia products.

Genuine products to us in Saporalia means that:

  • We respect the natural cycle of the earth to produce them.
  • We act in full respect of Mother Nature, observing the times and stages of cultivation, both in terms of harvesting and processing.
  • No Preservatives and No Pectin: we do not rely on added preservatives and pectin to transform our products, but we present them in a genuine and authentic way.
  • We rely on tradition: artisans that inherited the method, the family tradition, the research and above all the passion from our ancestors.
  • We bring to the table the flavors of the past, enriched by the experience of our laboratories, we aim to send you products that talk about Nature, whose taste is like if they were just picked.
  • All our laboratories cultivate and transform in one place: products are always collected, processed and stored in the same place
  • Craftsmanship and genuineness: we only deal with artisans of the earth and we want to treat its fruits in the best way

Saporalia means all of this

Greetings from sunny Italy


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