A powerful aroma that will help your Customers well in the kitchen

You will give them the opportunity to increase the taste of their dishes with Saporalia Truffle Juice

A special truffle flavor year-round which will easily take dishes from bland to brilliant in seconds

It is just enough to add it in the pan after having cooked a red meat, or to flavor vinaigrette or mashed potatoes, or simply for watering poultry or meat

Just keep in mind that in general, truffle does not like to be heated, otherwise it may lose its flavors: it has to be added just as slices of black truffles (fresh or our Saporalia Lamelle slices), only at the end of the recipe preparation, whenever possible

Examples of recipes with our black truffle juice (jus de truffe noire):

Easy sauces with black truffle juice
Risotto with black truffle juice
Potato puree with black truffle juice
Boiled egg with bread fingers in black truffle juice
Quail scrambled eggs with black truffle juice and green asparagus


Greetings from sunny Italy


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