Italian Gourmet Food From Little Food Artists

Saporalia is a young and agile company focused on exporting Italian Gourmet Food products abroad.

Our products are developed by small and medium artisan who are based in hidden small towns all over the Italian Country. These are the laboratories where the magic takes place and our high-quality delicacies are borne.

We have more than 100 small laboratories producing the best artisanal, gourmet and innovative food of the Italian Peninsula. The result is an assortment of more than 1000 products of all categories: Antipasti, Truffles, Sauces and Condiments, Pasta and Bread, Dairy, Cheese, Cured Meat, Sweets, Vegan and Halal.

Our service is mostly focusing in providing you with the best Italian gourmet food as fast and easy as possible thanks to our logistic flexibility for both dried and fresh products.

We are already working with countries from all over the world but our goal is to enter more and more markets in order to make Italian gourmet food accessible to anyone. We are already working in: France, India, Taiwan, Denmark, Kosovo, Vietnam, Slovakia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Switzerland, Germany, Chile and China.

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Do you want to trade the best italian Gourmet food?


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Saporalia’s logistics department takes care of the entire goods delivery process, starting from the attention it takes to create packaging, up to the delivery of the goods, constantly monitoring the correct operation of all consignment, as a guarantee of safety and quality of service, in order to best meet the customer’s needs

In fact, packing fragile goods, such as agri-food products, requires great attention in the design of the packaging and in the handling of the goods, especially when pallets are created with products of different sizes, which are more easily exposed to the risk of damage.

For this reason, Saporalia has studied the most suitable packaging, which consists of the use of a sturdy cardboard box, which contains the individually packaged products inside. In order to ensure further security, the whole is then packed with ultra-reinforced protection.

For Saporalia, selling a gourmet product also means ensuring that its transport is flawless, as for us, quality is defined at every phase.

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