And now let’s talk about a good piece of innovation in this channel!


Saporalia is specialized in Marketing and Brand Positioning and would be keen to offer these services to our Customers/Partners who are dealing with us. How does it work? This is a real revolution: a Gourmet Italian Food and Beverage supplier which is capable to help you to position these products in your markets.

When an Importer and/or Distributor choose to operate with Saporalia, we offer a detailed consultancy in terms of marketing and brand positioning.. We can implement a Direct Response Marketing campaign for your potential Customers and help you in finding your unicity and the niche where you add great value with your job. We can communicate this toy your Customer in an automated way and this is free of charge for our Customers

We are pretty sure that our Italian Gourmet products will have a high acceptance in your market and we are happy to help you to sell even more of them to your Customers. We have done it already, it works and this process really fulfil us: we sell great food which is good for human body and spirit; helping our Customers to sell more is really our ultimate target

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