When we started to dream about Saporalia (which stands for “Sapori d’Italia” literally Tastes of Italy), we were looking for something that was not yet in the market: a Player for Italian food products being exclusively focused only on Importers and Distributors. Saporalia differ from other players for 3 main reasons:

1. we offers the possibility to buy many products without a minimum quantity per product, in fact we own the greatest and largest list of Italian food and beverage products as we have connection with all the small and medium producers in Italy

2. we have the greatest and largest list of fresh Italian products (in particular cheese, dairy, cured meat and truffles) available

3. yes we operate our Company for the sake of selling and add value to our Customers, but it is not only about that: we also work for our Customers’ (YOU!) success, we can also help your sales!

My name is Mariano Mercadante, I am the CEO and Founder of this Company, nice to interact with you, I hope to meet you in person and shake hand with you and your staff very soon!!!

Best regards from Italy.

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