Ciao from Mariano

As you probably have had chance to appreciate already, we have an enormous variety of products, this is one of our strengths. By the way we often get requests to have the possibility to give “exclusivity/sole right” on the products that we sell, for certain Markets or certain regions: well, this is definitely possible.

Of course as you know very well it will depend on the Market where you operate and on the products that you will select, but this can definitely be part of the agreement that we will make

Selling some of our products with exclusive right in your Market will give you a great advantage toward your competition as you will be able to claim that you are the only operator able to sell/distribute those products.

We still have the biggest part of our products portfolio not having any exclusivity given to anyone, so if you are interested in this kind of food and you think these products may have good success in the Market that you operate, please ACT NOW and make sure you reserve exclusive right on the one that you will chose!

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