Hello from Mariano,

Many of my colleagues though I was crazy when I focussed this Company to become specialized in managing fresh food. I knew it was one of the most challenging tasks in today’s food industry, I mean controlling the product quality throughout the whole food supply chain.

We went for this bet and I can say we won it: we integrated food quality into decision-making process on production and distribution for our food supply chain, starting from the producers of course. We defined a methodology to model and manage fresh food production and logistic in such a way that it can be successfully integrated in multi producers programming and distribution planning, a real key approach for us having hundreds of producers to co-ordinate!

As you noticed, 50% (or even more) of our products are fresh or perishable food: dairy products, cheese, cured meat, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, truffles. We can manage the logistic of all these kind of products as we found and solved the right logistic equation with the great and essential help of our partners. Our solution cannot be adopted by only one of us in the chain but our approach is the result of the sum of our efforts to guarantee freshness and quality of our products.

Our approach allows us to manage and deliver products which have short shelf life everywhere in the world without impacting the shelf life itself, we also found an efficient way to manage dairy products on this purpose and we will be happy to tell you more about this in our next one to one conversation.

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