By now, probably you will have already asked for our catalogue and list price. I think you saw that we keep our promise to be very competitive although offering the best of the Italian food production and quality! By the way it is important to underline that, starting from those prices, we have discount programs that also apply to our products in relation to volume, as long as we start the Business co-operation, please feel free to ask us which could be your best fit condition!

Of course you will understand that we will be able to give you these details only once we understood where you want to focus in terms of products or range of products that you are more interested in: we have, I would say, a pretty big buying power with our Italian producers as very often we are buying the same products for more Importers/Distributors for different countries, so our scale will be interesting for you we are sure!

Your success as an entrepreneur in the food and beverage industry is measured by several indicators, some are subjective, like the quality of the food that you sell or the look of the packages and of the products themselves, but some other are very objective, such as profit generation that is your oxygen to sustain your business and thrive.

We at Saporalia, understand this concept very clearly and this is basically why we are positioned on very high quality products with extremely convenient price ratio, that allows us (but mostly you) to offer the best products at the right price. Isn’t perhaps this what all our Customers are asking for?

How can Saporalia be so competitive? We actually serve a significant number of Customers and professionals in the food Industry channels, medium and big operators like you which operate in Europe and out of Europe; this means that we have quite an high buying power with our producers from which we buy tons of products. We have a high rate feedback about the service we offer and the quality of our products, nevertheless Saporalia still is (and will remain) a smart and small company, agile with no unnecessary fixed costs, hence always ultra-competitive for our Customers and Partners.

This allows us to offer you the best Italian products at a highly competitive price

Another aspect of our catalogue that we want to clarify right from the start is that if you had a look at our catalogue and products list, you noticed we were not joking when we declared that we have a huge variety of products. We think that you as professional of the food & beverage sector, will get a great advantage from this list as your possibility of choice will be enormous. Of course this is the starting point and we can then focus only on certain categories or just certain regions or even just few products

Hopefully we clarified this aspect, we are keen of interact with you soon

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