Ciao from Mariano

When we developed Saporalia, we went through the whole Country: from Aosta to Trapani, from Bari to Ventimiglia and from Trieste to Reggio Calabria! We have selected some of the greatest food & beverage excellences of our wonderful Peninsula. Our rich catalogue is available for you to select which product is best placed to have success in your market/region.

But why Saporalia has such a huge available list of products? The answer is easy: think about how many types of cheese for example we have in Italy, I think I can easily say that you can find a different kind of cheese in any province (not region, but province) you go!

OK if this is clear now, people can wonder why Italian food products are so different one from another? Because there are many ways to use the same ingredients and because there are important climate differences between Italian main areas; but there is more to say about that.. Finding Italy on a World map is easy due to its original shape, collocated in the South of Europe. Its territory long and tight, is sort of amazing land and is attached to the rest of Europe through its highest mountains in the north: the Alps, in the centre it is sort of kept together by the Apennines and in the South and islands it is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea. Three very different kind of climates, lands and cultures in the same Country. This explains such a deep diversity in the food production and approach

So one of the strengths of Saporalia is that if you want a typical cheese which is produced in a remote province in the South of Italy, we have it for you! And we offer it at the best condition you may find in our market, but with the flexibility of dealing with a professional of the food & beverage sector and the possibility to select some other products through a unique interface

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