Hello from Mariano,

I know this topic should have come much higher in the list of things we are sharing in our newsletters and posts! This is THE key to success when it comes about selling and delivering food around Europe and around the World. At Saporalia, we know that very well, we just wanted to clearly explain who we are and what we trade in the previous interactions, before getting to this essential topic!

Through my experience in all my career, I have been travelling extensively through the world. It was good, I made a good career in the Companies I used to work for, but more importantly, I had chance to get in touch with people basically in all Countries of Europe and in many places of the World. People who were/are managing different jobs in different industries and thanks to that, over the course of the past few years, I was able to structure for Saporalia a broad and capillary network of partners and agents which are making us capable to manage any kind of logistic and custom requirement that our Customers may have.

We can

– manage the end-to-end process from our warehouse to your door wherever in the World, through current competitive market conditions

– on the opposite way, the alternative is that we can just take the products to any Italian port (or even keep it at our warehouse) and you can manage all the rest

– anything you prefer to have in the middle of the above 2 options

Just as example

– Seafreight, exporting through sailing from all Italian ports to all destinations in the World, maximum customs and operative assistance, also at destination port through our agencies, onforwarding to domicile/to door.

– Airfreight

– Carriage by truck and surface transportation

Full trucks and groupage service to all West and East European countries and Turkey. We can also manage regular weekly trips by full truck and groupage service from Italy to Iran.

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