4 full days of passion! Thank you all for your visits at our Saporalia Stand in Pavilion 10! Few days have gone since the closing of the TuttoFood exhibition and we travelled back home with a good sense of pleasure.. Pleasure to have met really professional people, to have had high quality conversation and to have already talked concrete co-operations with you. Thanks again for that.

Our staff is all fulfilled and proud for this experience to have shared real innovation in terms of the new products that we just launched for the TuttoFood. But the real pride comes because of you: it is always the Buyers who determines the products success and their appreciation and during the days of the exhibition we have seen a lot of that.

Our Artisanal Filled Mozzarella Bites (with Salmon, Gorgonzola, Tuna, Herbal Onion, Ham) have gained a lot of success as well as our now Truffle Powder (Spolverata di Tartufo) was appreciated like something really new to enrich plaates like Pizzas, Pasta, Fried eggs, Salds, Hamburgers etc. Those unique products are just with us and you have now a concrete chance to introduce something really and uniquely new in your Market.

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