You know, we often talk about what we do and how we do it… But after concluding our last week meeting, Me and my Team realized that many of you are reading our contents, providing us with some feedbacks and interactions, but never tried our products.

So I guess this is making it a little bit more difficult to really understand what we mean when we talk about them..

I want to tell you a story: I was visiting Customers and prospects in Vietnam and Taiwan recently, and of course I brought a considerable amount of samples (new ones to try for existing Customers and both “usual” and new products for new potential Customers I met); this makes all the difference, because you can materially see, touch and taste our products, instead of simply reading about them.. So there is an immediate feeling and feedback, making evident to us if you are going to have those products in your portfolio.

In addition to that, having the products in your hand will allow you to go to your most trusted Customers (the ones whose opinions and feedback will be mostly aligned to the rest of the market taste!) and let them try these products. This is a pretty good practice and provides a major prove of success for both you and us.

So here is the question: “Have you ever tried our products”?

If not, I think you should try them, as many of your colleagues are doing. And in order to facilitate this and let you have the opportunity to taste some of our “Best Sellers” products, we have developed a box of few excellences that we would be very happy to send you as samples at our expenses, you will just have to pay the transport cost.

You will have the possibility to let your Customer try them and get their precious feedback!

Please get in touch with us to know more!!!

Ciao from Italy3

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