I am just back from a conversation with a new Customer we recently acquired. I will be always grateful to him! Why?

The customer is an entrepreneur who imports and distributes liqueurs mostly (his customer portfolio is made up of bars, clubs and hotels mainly), so apparently not our main target Customer. However, Saporalia serves some Customers mainly focused on wine and alcoholic beverages import, and the main products we provide to them in these cases are snacks that can be paired with drinks.. perfect!

Obviously what I am about to say may sound a little bit “strong” but I honestly think it is a true concept: I think that if you are importing wine and alcohol beverages you can easily add some “proper” food items for your Customers! This will allow you to increase your relationship with your Customers, let them buy more and more frequently from you and last but not least, they can avoid to go to anybody else to buy the food (who might be also a competitor of yours).

So, this was exactly the kind of conversation I had with the customer who I mentioned at the beginning of this article. And you know what he said? He said “OK Mariano, let’s give your truffle powder to some of my bartenders.

I have a crazy idea!” Obviously I was happy as it meant “I will place an order”, but at the same time I was pretty curious about what he had in mind.

Well the result was that some of his Customers are now using Saporalia Truffle Powder as an ingredient for some cocktails! I couldn’t believe it and I can’t wait to be back there to try them!

Like I said, I will always be grateful to him, as he is basically opening a completely new channels and ideas for Saporalia!


And you? Have you tried our Spolverata di tartufo (truffle powder)?

Please get in touch with us to know more!!!

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