A new Era for Food Products is steadily consolidating through new valuable Export model. Nowadays Food & Beverage Importers from all over the World are too busy to deal with too many producers, especially when these are small artisans; of course they are magician at what they produce (great food excellence!) but very often they are not structured from a logistic and admin perspective and sometimes are not even able to interact in English language.

Here comes Saporalia.com, which, during the course of the last 4 years, has put together >150 small producers for a totality of >1000 SKUs (circa 500 different Products) and is now dealing with Customers (exclusively Importers and Distributors) in France, Scandinavia, Switzerland, Lithuania, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The average number of Products that these Customers are getting from Saporalia.com is 8-9 SKUs for each Customer, sometimes in multiple sizes.

Often all these products are from a wide variety of categories, including truffle products, fresh dairy, vegetables etc., so the cost to deal with 8-9 producers (which means 8-9 orders, 8-9 deliveries, 8-9 invoices, 8-9 payments) would be extremely (but sometime not so explicitly) higher than dealing with us! Not to mention about the fact that often each producer imposes a minimum order quantity, which is never the case with Saporalia.com, given our acquiring power and our scale with our producers.

In fact dealing with Saporalia.com means for our Customers (Importers and Distributors) availability to an enormous amount of Products through a unique single channel, covering producers through all Italian Peninsula. Whatever number of Italian Gourmet Artisanal Products you need from Italy, you will always have no minimum order quantity required, 1 single order for multiple products, 1 consolidated delivery, 1 invoice, 1 payment.

This is why Saporalia.com has been asked to speak at the latest yearly Italian Foreign Export Association Seminar, because this new export model is proving successful and convenient for all the parties involved

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