What is Aceto Balsamico?

You may know that the Aceto Balsamico is a special type of balsamic vinegar produced in the Emilia Romagna region, in the very heart of Italy.

This condiment is sure to add an unmistakable flavor and sophistication to everything from salads to main courses or desserts. In fact, many chefs are using it as the key ingredient in their famous dishes. It may sound a bit sophisticated for some tastes, but an introduction to this condiment makes it more approachable.

Aceto Balsamico and Parmesan

About the production method

And what about the production method? Well, it is interesting that the history of this product harks back to the times of the Ancients Romans, who were already familiar with the aging of vinegar, and those who are now making this specific vinegar have been preserving its authentic taste and quality for several generations. In fact, the production method has been passed down from one generation to another.

The “Real” Aceto Balsamico is made with acetified mosto (must) collected directly from the casks during the aging process and then left in an oxygen-free oak barrel to complete the natural cycle of maturation.
The blend of grape must, the aging time and the type of oak barrel define the quality of this vinegar.

OK, now I am sure that whoever has just read this quick article will be a bit more aware of the history and the amazing production method of the “Real” Aceto balsamico.
You will have noticed that I just wrote the word “Real” (beside Aceto Balsamico)! Yes, because there are a lot of fake and sounding products of poor quality around it that are very bad because they are actually produced with chemicals… Well, surely you need to offer the Real Aceto Balsamico to your Customers! How can you do that?

Bresaola and Aceto Balsamico

How to be sure you are dealing with Real Aceto Balsamico

First, just make sure it is a DOP (Products from Designated Origin) item
Second, get evidence it comes from the area of Modena because it is the only province where the DOP is produced
And third, if you have a chance to compare it with others, well… the taste will tell you all!
I am sure if you tell this story to your Customers they will surely wish to have it from you, and here Saporalia can help you!
In fact, among our assortment of dressings, we also have the traditional Aceto Balsamico DOP from Modena. The “Real” one.

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P.S. have you ever visited an ancient Acetaia (the place where this balsamic vinegar is produced and aged)? Let me know and I can organize a trip for you and your top Customers to our laboratory.

Aceto Balsamico with salad

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