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I want to tell you a bit about Saporalia’s mission: it is about spreading the Italian real food by offering high-quality Gourmet delicacies that are normally difficult to find in the market. Forget about industrial pasta with bad Pesto or fake lasagnas, it’s time to discover other little gems of Italian cuisine that make it equally unique. And you don’t need to go to Italy to discover them.

I want to offer Customers a new food experience that makes their minds travel all over the Italian regions without making a single step, but only enjoying Italian typical products.

Saporalia's suitcases

Let’s go to Italy: the suitcases

Here comes the idea of the suitcase: you may not have enough time to take a plane and travel to discover new flavors, so I send you a suitcase full of Saporalia’s delicacies that will make you visit every Italian region, from the North to the South, while sitting at your table.

If you can’t go to Italy, Italy is coming to you! This is the idea I want to share with the objective of breaking down barriers and making a little bit of Italian taste available all over the world.

Saporalia's suitcases

Take a look at this empty suitcase and let your mind imagine all your favorite products in it: truffle, oil, cheese, sauces, cold meat, pasta… don’t you feel hungry already?

These suitcases are also the perfect gift idea and they are totally customizable: different sizes and colors are available and you can choose among all the Saporalia’s products to create your own combination.

Go to Italy

How to fill the suitcase

If you find it difficult to decide which products you want in your suitcase, you can find below some of our suggestions:

Antipasto bag
– Sliced artichokes in oil
– Giant green olives in brine
– Sun-dried tomatoes marinated with herbs
– Taralli
– Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 1/8 18 months

Red Suitcase
– Sun-dried tomatoes in oil
– Caponata
– Antica Salsa Rossa
– Pasta with Barolo
– Taleggio DOP

Truffle dream
– Truffle cream
– White truffle Flavoured Condiment
– Breadsticks with Summer Truffle
– Truffle pasta
Pecorino with Truffle

Vegan Charcuterie
– Bresaolita
– Vegan Prosciutto
– Vegan Roastmeat
Vegan Parmigiano
– Green olive “Bella di Cerignola” in brine

Take a look at our catalog, create the combination that fits you the most, and write to us to receive your products as soon as possible.

Our only wish is to let you enjoy a piece of sunny Italy from the comfort of your home.


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