Dear Friend,
A few days ago, one Importer Company from Japan (to whom we are dealing with in order to start a great co-operation), asked us to show pictures of our truffle products.

And you may think: “this is absolutely normal” …Sure, I couldn’t agree more!
But this question made me think that probably our Customers and Prospects (= YOU!) don’t have the chance to see and know enough about them.

Yes, we have our main catalogue. Yes, we have a sub catalogue for each food category. BUT…if I think about Truffle, well, we have more than 200 SKUs/references available, and we are constantly creating new ones with our truffle laboratory, so we never have the chance to show all of them all because it is almost impossible!

So, the Team had the pleasure to put together a complete presentation of our truffle products and send those pictures to our Japanese partner. And that’s not all: I want to share those products with all of you as well. You can find them below.

(Thanks again Yoko for the good question!)

Please get in touch to know more about our Gourmet Truffle Category.

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