Black or green olives?

I want to talk about olives before telling you about our Stuffed Olives with Feta. Whether black or green, olives are a foodstuff rich in beneficial nutritional properties, thanks mainly to the presence of substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Well, I think for your Customers it is even more pleasant to eat something good for their health which has even an incredible taste.

Black olives, green olives, our team loves them all and it is sometimes hard to choose. That’s why we have a huge assortment of products made of and with olives.

Green and Black olives

About our Olives with Feta

One of the most special products with olives, I would say, is Stuffed Olives with Feta Cheese in Oil.
In our laboratories, we have just come up with the idea of creating something that combines Italian taste with a bit of Greek tradition and that’s how these amazing olives have been created.

Our hand-harvested plump green olives are hand-stuffed with creamy and light Feta cheese (both produced in Italy) becoming perfect and irresistible as an appetizer, aperitif, or as an ingredient of a tasty salad together with other vegetables.

Olives with Feta Saporalia


Try this combination

OK, no doubt…this magic combination of different textures will create an explosion of flavors in your Customers’ mouths.

I suggest you not lose to opportunity to offer this culinary gem to your Customers…Write to me to know more about this versatile combination of olives and Feta and to receive a catalog of our products made of olives.

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Olives and Feta salad


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