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Our new achievement

I am excited to inform you that Saporalia is joining a new international project! And, of course, I wanted to make sure you were aware of what this is about. The ICC ITALIA – International Chamber of Commerce of the Italian Committee is offering a new ICC Agri-Food Hubs international project… and our Company Saporalia has just been granted a place in that!


ICC program


The ICC agri-food project

But what is this all about? Well, the goal of the ICC Agri-Food Hubs project is to provide companies in the agri-food sector with support and coaching through training, advocacy, and technical insights on various issues concerning the agri-food industry following an interdisciplinary approach.

As you already know, our goal is to provide you with the best Gourmet, Artisanal, and Innovative Italian Food. We love to do this through continuously improved service, and this project will help us do that, thanks to the new insights it will bring to us.


Saporalia Italy


What’s next?

I am so thankful for the support you all have shown so far and I can’t wait to show you how much Saporalia will improve in offering you the best service possible.

We have worked hard to achieve this outcome. My greatest “Thank You” goes to my Saporalia #Marketing and #Support Team for their continuous dedication and attention. In fact, they grasp every opportunity that is helping Saporalia through its journey to becoming the most reliable export Company in terms of Gourmet artisanal food.


May great food be with all of You

Mariano Mercadante



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