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About Bologna

Bologna is a city in the very center of Italy, full of artistic and cultural buildings where you can find stylish places to enjoy some great food and wine. But well… This city is also well known for its Mortadella, a very tasty cold meat entirely made out of finely minced pork that sometimes you can find together with black pepper and pistachios… This is the best combo ever when it comes to Mortadella!


The History of Mortadella

In former times it was produced exclusively in Bologna. In fact, this product is so linked to the city that it is also called simply “Bologna” and its recipe is so ancient that it dates back to ancient Roman times, like many other typical Italian delicacies.

However, now the tradition expands to other areas too, like Milan, Parma, and Modena and it’s possible to find this product everywhere.

Mortadella Saporalia

How to eat Mortadella

This cold meat is characterized by its typical pink color and it can be eaten as an antipasto or a snack, in a sandwich, together with cheese and wine but also as a festive ingredient for filling baked pasta.

For example, what about the combination Pistachios, Mortadella and Stracciatella for your pasta or pizza? This is one of the most loved combinations with this product and I’m sure that your Customers would love it as well. You can also find many other recipes here.

Pizza and Mortadella

You may not know that…

Now, I want to tell you a secret…not only Saporalia has many versions of high-quality Mortadella with Pistachios and black pepper…

We also have Mortadella with Truffle!

Believe me when I say that this combo will blow up your Customer’s minds because it’s not only normally difficult to find but it is also an explosion of flavors for every palate.

Write me to know more about all the Mortadella versions we have and find the perfect one for your Customers.

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Mortadella with Truffle Saporalia



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