Delicious and impossible

Believe me, fresh summer truffle is delicious… But also expensive, fragile, and not so easy to manage from a logistical point of view.

Dealing with it may be very difficult sometimes, not to say that some seasons are really scarce of it, so it becomes nearly impossible to have access to it.

But this does not mean that your Customers have to renounce this wonderful tuber!

Saporalia truffle

Our Truffle

In fact, you can have the same taste and final effect with one of our Saporalia Whole Summer Truffles in a jar or with Truffle in Oil or Truffle Sprinkles which are made of truffle in brine.

What they have in common is that they are easier to manage, compared to fresh summer truffles.

And I can’t suggest which one is the best, they are all my favorite… Because they are all incredibly tasty!

Saporalia whole summer truffle

Why choosing truffle

OK, now imagine this: your Customers are hanging out at home on a rainy day, watching some TV while lounging around. They could make themselves some pasta and grab their favorite condiment, for example simply Cacio e Pepe or Carbonara, or they could take it to the next level by adding one of our truffle products.

The first option is fine if that’s all they want, but if they want something that will elevate their experience to the next level, it’s time to try out some truffles!

And you could easily offer these products and many others to them without being worried about the conditions of the truffle you are selling.

The best part about these delicacies is how easy they are to use. Just open the jar or bottle and pour over whatever food item strikes your Customer’s fancy—even if it’s just toast!

Saporalia truffle

Try Saporalia’s products

It doesn’t matter what type of cuisine they are going to enjoy; truffles can enhance any dish with their earthy flavor and unique aroma.

Just text me to know more about our Truffle Catalog and you’ll be surprised by how many items Saporalia can provide you with, such as Vegetarian Truffle Sauce.

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