Why glass packaging

Did you know that glass packaging is the most beautiful and environmentally friendly food packaging?

Glass is a material that has been used since ancient times. Even before the first attempts at metalworking, men had already learned how to melt silicates, shaping them into tools and containers to better organize their life.

And it was precisely because of this aesthetic function that the glass was used in the food industry, especially in the packaging of beverages.

Glass Packaging Saporalia

Good for the environment

Today it is also known that this material is fully recyclable, being an excellent way to reuse production waste.

Did you know? Glass is one of the materials with more recyclable potential. It can be melted again and again without losing its chemical properties or releasing harmful residues into the environment and food contained. In contrast to this, plastic packaging releases hazardous particles into food! Have a look here to find out more about it.

Saporalia and sustainability

About plastic and glass packaging

You may know already what has just been discovered about recycled PET. We know now that it disperses polluting particles into the environment, which then accumulate in the human body through diet.

Saporalia’s mission is to keep the genuineness of its products and we have already talked about how we produce our delicacies respecting the environment. Choosing to use glass for almost all our products is another way to protect our fields, preserve the taste and the high quality of our products and, above all, care about your and your Customers’ health.

This is why we choose Glass Packaging for the majority of Categories and products for both Retail or Service (HoReCa) Saporalia lines


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Glass packaging Saporalia

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