Do you know Bagna Cauda? This dish is so much more than a dip. It’s a way of life.

What is Bagna Cauda, you ask? It’s a hearty and delicious Piedmontese tradition that has been passed down for generations.

Bagna Cauda is a typical Piedmont preparation made of anchovies, oil, and garlic used as a sauce for fresh autumn vegetables.

It is not clear when it was born but we know that this dish originated in celebration of the annual grape harvest. In fact, as you may know, grape-growing is the lifeblood of this region—famous for its wines—and the harvest brings a well-earned sense of relief and joy to the farmers who work so hard all year long. Bagna Cauda was born as a way to celebrate together as a community after the harvest.

OK, it’s true that times have changed since then but I believe it should be shared with friends and loved ones while sitting around a table together.

It has a strong flavor that suits all palates, even the most sophisticated, but the main feature of this product is, in my opinion, the feeling of warmth and togetherness that only such a sauce can offer.

Bagna Cauda is not a common Italian product abroad and I bet it’s rather hard to find. Introducing Bagna Cauda in your offer is a guarantee of setting you apart from your competitors and make your reputation as Gourmet seller boost among your Customers.

I can help you in this so that your Customers can eat some Bagna Cauda, maybe together with breadsticks or just fresh vegetables, and feel like sitting at an Italian table.
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