The best Italian food, made in Italy and brought to your doorstep. That’s what we’re all about.

We’re not here to complicate things, we’re here to make them simple with a wide assortment and our support department that takes care of all the shipping stress. And we make things delicious. Especially delicious.

Today I am talking about Caponata! A rich, tasty side dish, typical of Sicilian cuisine, that’s been passed down for generations without losing any of its Mediterranean taste.

Since this dish is so ancient, there are many versions of it but Saporalia is only selling the real and traditional one: it is made of tomato, eggplants, celery, carrots, onions, capers, pine nuts, …this is a combination of flavors and poetry that can’t be beaten.

It’s not clear how Caponata was born: some say that it is a poorer version of a sauce eaten together with fish, a delicacy that only aristocrats could afford. That’s why people started to add eggplants instead of fish, making it more affordable.

Your Customers can serve Caponata up as a side dish, an appetizer, or with crusty bread. Whatever you choose, we guarantee your Customers will be coming back for more since it is a delicacy that can make your mouth sing. Moreover, the high-quality of our Caponata will set you apart from your Competitors.

Thanks to Caponata it is possible to really taste the richness of Sicily —and now your Customers can have it at home!
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