You know our truffle products, but have you ever wondered how we produce these delicacies?
I’ll tell you about truffle and how to correctly choose and treat it.

How to choose the right truffle

When choosing truffles, we opt for a high-quality product. It is important to be wary of truffles that cost too little, those that have a strange appearance or a little intense smell!

An important thing for our choice is the consistency check. They do not have to be soft, when they are excessively soft it is possible that they are old. The weight must also be checked.

Taking it in the hand, it must not be too light, as the more water is present inside, the more this is a sign of freshness. Seeing some holes don’t frighten you. The truffle remains good!

White truffles, like that of Alba, are more expensive as they cannot be grown, but they are born spontaneously and are difficult to find. Their scent and taste are very intense, which is why it is perfect for delicious dishes of a certain value.

Of course, the cost is also much higher! However, the white truffle is not the only one to try. Even if less valuable, the black truffle is more easily found and gives the palate and smell an optimal experience.

How to cut and treat black and white truffles

When we collect a white or black truffle, we have to pay attention to its cleanliness. Let’s take a brush that has soft bristles that can eliminate the excess earth without ruining the rind.

Once it has been cleaned, we will not have to do anything, above all it must absolutely not be washed under water.

Then we slice the truffle in stainless steel, in order to obtain not too double sheets. Once ready you can use the truffle in your raw or cooked recipes.

Our assortment is made of hundreds of different products based on truffle. What distinguishes us is that you can find all the truffle products you need in the same channel and without MOQ. Do you want a pallet with many different products? Sure thing, we are on it. With us, you do not have to deal with numerous produces and brands to find all the products you need…because we have them all.
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