Have you ever eaten stuffed vegetables?

This is kind of a thing in Italy and you can find many versions, one of the most common is vegetables au gratin. The recipes for delicious stuffed delicacies are not lacking: from zucchini to tomatoes, the possibilities are really many.

But this time let’s talk about red chili peppers because they have a very particular flavour that combines with another ingredient that you do not expect…tuna.

This is the combination I am suggesting to you today: Red Chili Peppers Stuffed with Tuna.

From round peppers, you get these fabulous stuffed morsels with a delicate and slightly spicy flavour. I do not think I need to describe how delicious this recipe is: a slightly sweet taste, a soft and melting stuffing that pairs very well with the crunchy chili pepper — it’s just wonderful.

This excellent union between chili and tuna makes them great as an appetiser or finger food for an informal buffet, perfect to entertain even the most pretentious guests.

OK now I want to warmly suggest to you to take this product into consideration for you Customers…why? Because it’s just a delicacy which is hard to find and your Customers will be surely happy to have such an exclusive delicacy that brings colour to their tables.

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