To all mushroom lovers: great news is coming!

I am pleased to introduce this Mix of Mushrooms in Oil to you today!

In our laboratories, we have been using mushrooms in every shape and size for years, so we’ve done our research. And this is how we ended up developing a flavor I am confident will meet everyone’s expectations.

In this jar, you’ll find a mix of different wild mushrooms grown in Italy, which are then blended with a variety of herbs and spices, imparting them with a special but smooth flavor which is preserved thanks to oil.

They’re perfect for first courses or second courses of meat, as a pizza topping, or tossed into mixed salads together with arugula and parmesan and finally with croutons.

If your Customers love mushrooms the same way we do, why only settle for just one type? Offer them the best combination of Italian mushrooms. This product is something that is not that easy to find in international markets.

You should offer this perfectly balanced mix that, it’s true, has a strong flavor, but I’m sure it will be highly appreciated even by the finest palates.

Contact our Consultant to know more about our mushroom assortment and not only will we tell you about this Mix of Mushrooms in Oil, but we’ll also show you our Appetizers catalog where you can find comparable products such as Whole Mushrooms in Oil.

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