In 2023 Italy has continued to elevate its status as a culinary powerhouse, achieving remarkable milestones in the food industry.

Have a look at our wrap up of an extraordinary year of export achievements!

🌐 Italian Culinary Expertise: A Global Sensation

This year, Italy’s prowess in the food sector has been nothing short of extraordinary, contributing significantly to the country’s impressive 626 billion euros in exports.

🍝 Delicious Delights to France

Italy’s agricultural prowess has cast a flavorful spell on France, with a staggering 5.7 billion euros of agricultural products making their way across borders. The unmistakable taste of Italian ingredients continues to captivate palates, leaving a lasting impression.

☕ A Symphony of Aromas to China

Italy exported a remarkable 4,022 tons of coffee to China. The rich, robust flavors of Italian coffee have become a global sensation, enticing coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Italy’s commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, creating a worldwide love affair with its coffee culture.

🍕 A Culinary Tale of Tradition and Innovation

These culinary triumphs serve as a testament to Italy’s unique ability to seamlessly merge tradition with innovation. The country’s unmistakable blend of craftsmanship, quality, and authenticity has created an enduring legacy in the global market.

And what about Saporalia? In 2023 we experienced and achieved a lot, we managed to enter 5 new markets and succeed in spreading the Italian experience always more. We are very grateful to our Customers who decided to put their trust in our Team.

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