Did you know that our Vivante Balsamic Vinegar in solid form to grate and slice holds more secrets than meets the eye? Allow us to share the delightful aspects of this exceptional product with you.

Premium Quality Ingredients
Vivante is crafted from the finest Modena IGP Balsamic Vinegar, preserving its distinct characteristics, including subtle variations in color and flavor. Free from caramel and artificial colorings, a touch of agar-agar is added to enhance its natural essence.

Natural Production Process
Our commitment to authenticity shines through the natural production process. No chemical additives are used, ensuring that the Balsamic Vinegar undergoes a physical, not chemical, transformation. This gentle approach maintains the unique qualities of the product.

Versatile Culinary Uses
Discover the versatility of Vivante as it gracefully melts at 90 degrees Celsius. Whether for culinary or decorative purposes, you can mold and cool it in any desired form. Ideal for both warm and cold climates, transporting it to countries poses no threat to its characteristics.

Storage Simplicity
Post-opening, consider placing Vivante in an airtight container. While refrigeration is optional, some culinary maestros prefer keeping it outside for a slightly powdery texture. Its resilience to temperature changes and its ability to withstand time make it a reliable pantry essential.

Natural Variations
Embrace the beauty of natural products; slight color or consistency variations and a few droplets in the packaging are normal. Even the release of a small amount of water over time, especially with temperature fluctuations, is expected. Rest assured, this does not compromise the product’s quality or safety.

Timeless Edibility
Unlike conventional expiration dates, Vivante boasts a unique shelf life. Post this period, the product remains perfectly edible and safe. While the sphere’s consistency may change naturally, it retains its charm.

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