Authentic Italian appetizers and antipasti:
delicious starters for your next meal

Italian appetizers (or Italian starters or Italian antipasti), also known in native language and in the rest of the world simply as antipasti, are a crucial part of any traditional Italian meal. These delicious starters set the tone for the rest of the meal and are the perfect way to whet your appetite. From classic bruschetta to more contemporary creations, the variety is endless thanks to the richness of Italian regional cuisine. 

One of the most popular Italian appetizers is the classic antipasto platter, featuring a selection of cured meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables. Another traditional favorite is bruschetta, a simple yet delicious dish of toasted bread topped with tomatoes, garlic, and olive oil. Another must-try Italian appetizer is Caprese salad, featuring fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil drizzled with olive oil.

For a more contemporary twist on Italian appetizers, try crostini with gorgonzola and figs or prosciutto and melon skewers. For a taste of the sea, try fritto misto, a platter of fried seafood such as squid and shrimp.

Whether you’re in the mood for classic antipasti or something more contemporary, you’ll find something to love among the wide variety of Italian starters available. From antipasti platters to bruschetta and Caprese salad, Italian antipasti are a delicious and essential part of any Italian meal.

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