Italian Pasta Supplier: Traditional, handmade and authentic pasta for your food business

Saporalia is your source for authentic and traditional Italian pasta and bread. Our selection of Italian spaghetti and other pasta varieties are made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring a taste and texture that is true to traditional Italian pasta.

As a wholesale distributor and an Italian pasta supplier, we offer competitive pricing for distributors, restaurants, caterers, and other businesses looking to serve authentic Italian pasta dishes.

Our selection of Italian pasta includes a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for any dish or recipe. From classic spaghetti to unique and lesser-known traditional Italian pasta varieties, we have something to please every palate. And our traditional methods of pasta making ensure that each strand of pasta holds sauce perfectly and has the perfect al dente texture.

Experience the true taste of Italy with Saporalia’s traditional pasta and make your customers come back for more. 

Contact us and taste the difference that only authentic Italian pasta can make.

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