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Italy is home to some of the world’s finest wines and gourmet foods, and there’s nothing quite like enjoying them together. We will now share some tips on how to pair wine with Italian gourmet products to enhance your culinary experience.

Cured meats

Italian cured meats like prosciutto, salami, and pancetta are delicious on their own or paired with other foods. When it comes to wine, go for a light and fruity red like a Langhe Doc Nebbiolo Garnium. For a spicy salami, try a red like Piemonte Doc Barbera Rubidium.


Italian cheese is a beloved staple in any gourmet food collection. For a classic pairing, try Parmigiano-Reggiano with a full-bodied red wine such as Barolo Tannicum. For a softer cheese like Gorgonzola, pair it with a sweet white wine such as Langhe Doc Arneis Luna Crescente.


With so many pasta dishes to choose from, it’s important to find the perfect wine pairing. A classic rule is to pair red wine with meat sauces and white wine with seafood sauces. For a light tomato-based pasta sauce, try a Langhe Doc Arneis Luna Crescente. For a rich Bolognese sauce, opt for a bold Piemonte Doc Barbera Rubidium.


Pizza is a favorite Italian food all over the world, and it’s easy to pair it with a great wine. For a traditional Margherita pizza, try a light-bodied red like Dolcetto Pasteum. For a meatier pizza, go for a bold and spicy red.


Italy’s long coastline means that seafood is a major part of the cuisine. For a simple seafood pasta dish, pair it with a light white wine like Langhe Doc Arneis Luna Crescente. For a more complex seafood dish like risotto with shrimp, try a sparkling white like Bolla Tea.

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Saporalia’s Team hopes these tips will help you enhance your Italian gourmet experience with the perfect wine pairing. Remember, there are no strict rules, so don’t be afraid to experiment and find your own favorite pairings!

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